A group of Gadget junkies, dancers, and Chefs:


Huan Le-  As the Founder of Caphin, Huan has always been the man with the vision. When he is not thinking up his next plan to take over the world, Huan can be found working his ass-off, acquiring a company, or taste testing amazing foods everywhere. 

Favorite Ingredient in Caphin: 

Favorite Band: 

Best Dance Move:

Favorite Invention: 

Email: huan@caphin.com 



Thomas Kuo- As president of Caphin, Thomas throws his quirky nature into everything he does. He is responsible for perfecting the production process of Caphin Artisan, but more importantly, he is an incredible father to one of the cutest kids in the country. When he is not sipping energy drinks until 3 am, he is putting all of his energy into leading this team. 

 Favorite Invention: 

Favorite Cartoon Character:  

Best Coffee Flavor:  

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Email: thomas@caphin.com


Kevin Tran- As Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin is one of the silliest most genuine people you will have the pleasure of meeting. You will find him munching on a snack somewhere while strategizing his next youtube cooking show. He has love around H-Town to make Caphin a local phenomenon, and the loyalty to turn any person into a friend. 

Favorite Vietnamese Dish:  

Best Superhero:  

Favorite Song:  

Best City in Texas:  

Email: kevin@caphin.com