Christopher Do: Celebrity Stylist

“Beware of her fair hair, for she excels all women in the magic of her locks; and when she winds them round a young man's neck, she will not ever set him free again"

Christopher was destined to be a hairdresser. His mother, his uncles and aunts all own their own salons. It was only a matter of time before he picked up the scissors to change the lives of sooooo many women he's sat in his chair. A single cut can average $80+, and a color, whether it be his perfected Ombre, or Balayage goes from $170 and up! This doesn't include the must have styling and blow dry that makes women feel like they're ready for the Red Carpet!

Christopher Do: Celebrity Stylist

Christopher Do: Celebrity Stylist


 What's the hardest thing about making every client BEAUTIFUL?

 "The hardest thing about being a hairdresser is convincing every client that I know more about making them beautiful than they do. I am an expert. I've mastered skills, spent tons of money on education, worked my way up working local shows to New York Fashion Week, done celebrity hair, offered to take over a product line, you name it I've pretty much done it. But one thing I do know is that you never stop learning. The education and progress goes until death. Every client is a different walk of life with different facial shapes, hair texture and personal preference but it is MY job to sit them down during consultation and take away all anxiety...and soothe them through my words of wisdom and experience that they will leave my chair feeling sexier, more confident than they've ever felt before. This is the feedback I get from my clients and their friends, so I'm not making this up! The hardest thing is convincing a new client, the easiest thing is accepting their love and adoration after."

How has being in Houston helped grow your amazing career?

"Being in Houston may have been a blessing in disguise. I didn't have to compete with the likes of LA and NY. I got to make a bigger name for myself in a small pond. Another good reason for being from Houston is that if I messed anything up in the beginning of my career, they would think.. of course.. he's from Houston, what kind of talent COULD they have? I followed the greats having mentors such as Vidal Sassoon, Robert Cromeans of Paul Mitchell, All the famous brothers from Toni & Guy, Jonathan Anton, Brandon Martinez, Johnny Lavoy, and Warren Tricomi JUST TO NAME A FEW. In Houston, I got the best of both worlds. I got to study my mentors and be under the radar without the pressures of 'making it', but when I mimicked a famous stylist's work, I'd be praised for it. My greatest mentor and personal friend Michael Singletary, owner of M Salon, gave me the foundation and proper education needed to be recognized as a top stylist in this country. "

When did you realize that hairdressing was your passion?

"I can't lie, it wasn't my first choice. I fell into it since I was surrounded by them all of my life. I started my education at a no name beauty college and practiced on willing friends and family. I think the first time I realized I was going to go full throttle being a stylist was when I was giving my cousin a haircut (he asked for a 'trim', he was growing out his hair for about 2 months) and ended up shaving his head due to nicks and uneven lines blah blah blah... I was so discouraged I thought about quitting that night. My cousin saw that I was down so he quickly looked in the mirror, acted like he was super cool with having a shaved head and that he was thinking of doing it soon (total lie) and said that no matter what, he would always let me practice in his hair. At that moment I knew that I'd give hairdressing 2098409320948%. That's a lot of percent hahaa. From that point on the rest is history. Take a look at my work and TELL me I'm not the best in Houston..."

“I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser.”

You can see his work through his social media listed below. To book an appointment with Christopher please call M Salon at 713.572.3100.

Christopher Do

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