Giovanna Albarran: Bow Tie Artisan


Bow tie wearing can be a notable characteristic for an individual.

Wearing a bow tie "is a statement maker" that identifies a person as an individual because "it's not generally in fashion". Little did 7 year old Giovanna Albarran know that all of those years of ripping and sewing back all of her Barbie's clothes would one day lead to her starting her own company making some of the most beautiful self tie bow ties. Her styles and cuts range from the Classic and Tuxedo rounds, to flimsy Butterflies and Diamond cuts that go for $69-$89 a pop.

Bow Ties have been made popular by real world personalities such as President Franklin Roosevelt, Sir Winston Churchill, and actors Humphrey Bogart and the infamous Frank Sinatra to name a few.


Giovanna Albarran: Bow Tie Artisan

Giovanna Albarran: Bow Tie Artisan

What's the hardest thing about making the "perfect" Bow tie?

"That's a funny question. The actual labor of making a bow tie (any style, cut or fashion) is actually pretty simple... if you can follow directions. the most difficult part is finding the "perfect fit" for a particular individual matching their facial features, body structure, and most of all personality. There's a lot of research done before each custom bow tie is made. I ask for a photo of the person, who they hang out with, what their occupation is, their style of clothing, etc. and I make my recommendations for the cut, style and pattern for each order. I've always been great with my hands but I never knew what I wanted to do with them growing up. I used to rip my clothes playing outside with the neighbors and my mother was so tired of patching them up or buying new ones so she told me if I wanted to play outside, I would have to learn to sew my own clothes back together.... and so the legacy of Giovanna began... at the ripe age of 7. I haven't had a complaint from any of my recommendations so far and I don't plan on starting now. This is my passion now and I plan to stay high end and dream of being on the lips of fashionistas and fashionisters alike."

How has being in Houston helped?

"Houston is what.... 4th largest city in the United States??? Not only that, Houston is KNOWN as a melting pot so you can't pin point and label the type of 'style' or 'culture' Houston has. Being so diverse, you have styles and fashion of all types and can never feel stale or stagnant, knowing that the next trend or idea is just around the corner. We try to keep up as much as possible with NY and LA but we hold our own. being here in Houston makes it easy for me to experiment and try new things outside of the box without feeling trapped or obligated to do what everyone else is doing. I have the range to express myself through my work and the willing patrons to support my craft and encourage me to push further! Houston has been good to me and all I can do is give back with each and every inspiration I have! Not to mention everyone is so friendly and supportive here" 

Can you tell me a little bit about the history of the bow tie?

"Cravat, derived from the French word Croat (scarf) were used to hold the top of men's shirts to their collar and may have evolved into the bow tie and neck ties. They tend to be associated with the particular professions such as architects, finance receipt collectors, attorneys, university professors, teachers, and politicians. Even though you see bow ties becoming 'popular' now, they've been around for centuries (since the 1700's) but they resurrect every time someone of notice starts to sport the popular neckwear and seems to be the 'new' thing again. With social media being so prominent in today's society it may be here to 'stay'."

Giovanna plans to have a full working website by end of year. Until then you can order a custom bow tie by contacting Giovanna by email or via her facebook page.

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