Donut Masters: The Grove Donutz & Deli

"They say you can't buy happiness, BUT you can buy doughnuts! and that's kind of the same thing right?!"

At least that's what Tam Hoang, owner of The Grove Donutz and Deli thinks about his sweet delectable creations! The Grove, one of the few shops in Houston that carries "Cronuts" half croissant, half donut, is taking Houston by storm! Located in Richmond, TX people come from all over the vast city just to check out what Tam and his wife Renda have cookin' up! If you want to see what's new on the menu you are REQUIRED to check their Instagram, one of the main social media sources they use to interact with customers! 

We caught up with Tam and asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say!

The Grove Donutz

The Grove Donutz

1) What gave you the spark to open The Grove Donutz and deli?

"Well before Renda and I got married I told her I had been wanting to do something for us. She likes to bake and I like to cook. Because of both of our passions, I started looking on Craig's List and found this place, took a leap of faith... and The Grove came about!"

2) What's the hardest thing about running the Grove?


"Hardest thing is still waking up early in the morning to go make donuts! Haha we're really NOT morning people. Dedication... knowing that a bunch of people now rely on Renda and I waking up and making their favorite creations"

3) How has being in Houston helped?

"It has helped me cause that's how me and my wife got together. She's my biggest motivator. And also Houston offered me the ability to thrive with both of my businesses. I am also a hairdresser after the morning shift. I make doughnuts beautiful by day, and people beautiful by night!

Houston is a growing city that has lots of opportunities. Also it's a melting pot where all cultures collaborate together to make this city what it is today. To me, it's the city of dreams. Think big and big things will come!!"

Donuts have been with us from the mid 1800's and it doesn't look like these tasty little treats are going away anytime soon!

If you want one of the most sought after Cronuts, you MUST call a couple of hours to a day in advance to have custom orders made for you (^_^)'

Stop by and say hi to Renda and Tam at The Grove Donuts and Deli!

Tam Hoang/Renda Hoang
phone (281) 232-6406
Instagram @thegrovedonutz