Part 1: How Caphin was Born Overnight

A lot of businesses take hours explain. It takes even more time to get people excited about the business. Caphin... not so much. 

"I want to put ca phe sua da in a bottle." I said to a few people. Boom... Their eyes lit up.

It spread fast. From idea to company formation took just a few weeks. The team that you see in the Instagram and Facebook photos formed fast. And, here's the thing... most of us didn't know each other before we started the company.

We thought we'd have to explain what ca phe sua da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) was. But a lot of people in Houston (including the non-Vietnamese) already know. It says something about Houston's diversity that we don't have to explain what Vietnamese Iced Coffee is very often.

Help us grow this wildfire of an idea by writing in comments section when you were first introduce to Vietnamese Iced Coffee.


Traditional method of brewing Cafe Sua Da

Traditional method of brewing Cafe Sua Da