Part 4: How It's Still A Lot of Hard Work at Caphin

One day, I got to the kitchen just after the team had already finished a batch of Caphin Artisan. The radio was blaring some south side dance from Houston's own S.U.C. (Screwed Up Click). The fans were turned on high. And sprawled on the immaculate floors was half the team--exhausted from making Artisan.

We are at it daily for you. Washing hundreds of bottles. Calling all our amazing retail accounts. Boiling gallons of hot water. Posting pics on social media. Roasting hundreds of pounds of coffee. Teleconferencing at all hours of the day. Sacrificing weekends to sample at Revival Market, Welfresh, Hong Kong Supermarket, Roost, etc.

It's still a lot of hard work by a bunch of people who care about putting out a good product. 

We get energy to do that work, when our retailers call asking for more product. We get a high when you stop us in the street to tell us you like wheat we're doing. But right now, we'd love it if you'd stroke our ego by sharing this post or sending us a picture of you and a bottle of Caphin Artisan or Caphin Signature.